Ferndell Coffee for Best Made Co.



It was a year in the making, and this holiday season we're excited for the launch of Best Made Co.'s 'What Good Shall I Do This Day' extra dark roast coffee we helped develop & are roasting for the outdoor retailer. 

We can all agree, coffee is critical to successfully start off the day, so it was a no-brainer for us to team up with our friends at Best Made Co, who share our belief in offering people well crafted, quality goods. 

Our goal, as BMC put it, was to create "a damn fine cup of coffee", and that's just what we set out to do. James Klapp, our lead roaster, sourced organic green beans from Central and South America and roasted the blend to 458 degrees Fahrenheit to create the ideal coffee to inspire your day to be a good one- hence the name from a famous Benjamin Franklin quote, 'What Good Shall I Do This Day. 

For a limited time, the coffee can be purchased on Best Made Co.'s website HERE , through their latest catalog, or in either of their New York or Los Angeles stores. Stay tuned for a coffee workshop we'll be doing at Best Made Co. Los Angeles this Winter.