I am interested in using Ferndell Coffee at my restaurant. Do you wholesale your coffee? 

Yes, we do. As a matter of fact, wholesale is a large part of our business and we are quite experienced. We would love to work with you. Please contact our sales department via e mail or phone for further information. 


(424) 558-8130

Your cans are gorgeous. Do you sell them direct to distributors or retailers?

Thank you. We have specific programs for retailers and distributors looking to carry our line.  Please contact our sales department via e mail or phone for further information. We look forward to working with you.


(424) 558-8130

Are you the original owner of the old brand of Ferndell Coffee? 

We are the owners of Ferndell Coffee Roasters which is a new and separate entity in relation to the old brand "Ferndell." We worked very hard with our talented legal team to secure all trademarks and copyright matters relating to the old brand and our the proud owners of the "new" Ferndell. After months of research and due diligence, we were finally able to launch Ferndell Coffee Roasters in October 2013. 

I'm concerned about security over the internet. Is it safe to shop at Ferndellcoffee.com?

Absolutely. We use the latest in security software to encrypt all of your confidential information when you shop at Ferndellcoffee. From the time you begin entering your name and address until an order is completed your data is safeguarded. We accept most major debit and credit cards. 

I don't like giving anyone a lot of information about myself. What does Ferndell do with the information it receives when I place an order?

Please click here to read our privacy policy. 

I want to place orders for several people. How do I place several orders to different recipients?

It’s simple but you must shop for one recipient at a time as you go through the ordering process. 

Does Ferndell Coffee ship internationally?

Yes. We currently ship to US, UK, and Canada. More destinations coming soon.

What are the shipping costs?

$6.00 flat rate for all orders shipped in the USA. If you order more than $30.00 your order ships for free. Ferndell reservers the right to choose shipping method. International orders ship for a flat rate of $15.00. 


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We roast and process all orders within 24-hours from order time. After that, your order should arrive at its destination in three to five days.  We guarantee that your order will arrive in perfect condition as we use priority shipping services that ensure timely delivery and delivery confirmation. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday, except holidays. Please provide an address where someone will be available to receive the shipment.

How do I ship coffee to myself?

During the checkout process enter your desired shipping information on the Recipient Info page. 

Can I ship coffee to myself at a different address?

Yes. During the checkout process enter your desired shipping information on the Recipient Info page. 

How do I send a gift of coffee to someone other than myself?

During the checkout process enter your desired shipping information on the Recipient Info page.

How do I check the status of an order I have already placed?

Check your e mail for a confirmation of order and tracking information. Please contact us via e mail at orders@ferndellcoffee.com for up-to-date information about your order should you have any difficulties or issues. A member of our customer service team will respond within one business day or less. 

Does Ferndell carry certified organic coffee or fair-trade coffee? 

Many of our coffees happen to be organic and/or fair-trade but we do not sell, market, or label them as such. 

Does Ferndell use a chemical decaffeination process for decaf?

No. All of our decaf is certified Swiss Water Process.

How long will my coffee last?

In other brands you'll find coffees with "Best By" dates or "Expiration Dates" up to and exceeding one year from the date of production. These products are typically very stale and will not retain their best flavor over that period. Every ounce of Ferndell coffee is roasted and shipped to order guaranteeing optimal freshness, taste, and quality. Ferndell coffee should be consumed shortly after receiving to insure rich and bold flavors. Once opened, your coffee will stay at its peak of freshness for 10 days. 

How should I store my coffee? 

In a cool, dark, and airtight environment. Our cans are perfect for this. Do not store coffee in your freezer or refrigerator.

Are any of Ferndell coffees Kosher certified?

No, not at this time.

What's is your most popular coffee?

All of our roasts and blends delicious but French Roast is our most popular. It is our darkest roast with no bitterness or smokiness. 

What are your certifications?

We are certified by the State of California for wholesale food production and are monitored by them regularly. We are registered and permitted with South Coast AQMD(air quality management district). We meet and posses all local, state, and federal requirements for operating our business activities. 

Does Ferndell use recycled materials?

Please click here to read about our sustainability efforts. 

What has Ferndell done to become sustainable and energy efficient?

Please click here to read about our sustainability efforts. 

 What is the caloric content of your products? 

Coffee contains an insignificant amount of calorie(s) and the FDA does not require us to post information in regards to calorie content . For more information, click here(http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/GuidanceDocumentsRegulatoryInfor…)

How does Coffee fit into a balanced and healthy lifestyle? 

You should enjoy the things you love in moderation. A few cups of black coffee per day has been proven to provide no adverse effects to your health. In some studies, coffee has even been shown to provide health benefits. Ferndell does not endorse or recommend coffee as a part of your health regimine. Please consult your doctor or physician if you have further questions or concerns about coffee. 

Is coffee low in calories and fat ?

Yes, naturally. 

Can I buy stock or invest in Ferndell Coffee?

Ferndell Coffee Roasters is a privately owned subsidiary of Burlap Brothers LLC registered with the State of Delaware. Please contact our general office for more information via e - mail : info@ferndellcoffee.com

Does Ferndell offer tours of the roastery and plant?

No, not at this time.