About our programs

A customized Ferndell iced tea program helps create additional revenue for your business, is easy to prepare and has lasting impact. Ferndell is a wholesale tea supplier for many business types including:

  • Coffee Shops & Cafés

  • Restaurants

  • Bakeries

  • Cafeterias

  • Grocery providers

  • Convenience stores

  • Foodservice businesses

  • Entertainment venues

  • Hotels

  • Medical and Health Buildings/Campuses

  • Offices

  • Casinos

Iced tea consumption is skyrocketing and a quality focused, cost effective tea program is a great way to drive revenue to your business, whether you’re in foodservice, retail, or other business. Ferndell tea programs provide an easy, scalable solutions that deliver consistent quality at a cost-effective price.   


About Our Teas

Superior, quality focused iced tea is not just a trend - it’s here to stay as consumers looking for flavor experiences. For food service operators building an iced tea program is a must. 

Our hand picked tea leaves are specially chosen for many of the leading hotels, restaurant, and fast casual chains we all know and love. Ferndell Iced Teas for foodservice and businesses are available in a variety of flavor blends to complement your menu and suit all of your restaurant guests’ desires. Our signature blends offer hints of flavor that never overpower, while allowing the smooth flavor of fine tea to shine through.

We works with many types of food service businesses in need of quality wholesale iced tea programs that excel above the rest. 

Whether you are a hotel or restaurant professional, a foodservice purveyor, a grocer, a coffee service operator, or simply a tea-lover, Ferndell works passionately to make you, your guests, your customers, your patrons, your shoppers, and your office workers as happy as can be with the best possible ice tea designed for food service. 

At Ferndell, we develop proprietary iced tea programs for foodservice that is unmatched. iced tea service that includes a diverse offering of focused products, brewing equipment, distribution, training and incentives, professional service, quality assurance, and strategic marketing support. 

Ice tea is a profit centered on your menu that can be maximized with ease using on of our customized Ferndell iced tea programs.

To learn more about Iced Tea programs for your restaurant, hotel, or food service operation - contact us today at: