'Headlines & Heroes' Brews Our Whole Bean Coffee

Boss Beans

The same way you’d never eat half-price sushi or discount beef tartare, inferior coffee has absolutely no place in your home, mug or mouth. Protect yourself from bad beans with Ferndell Coffee.

This artisanal American coffee brand has been around since 1862—long before “artisanal” was even a thing. Recently revived as a boutique roasting house, quality is key in its three flavorful offerings.

You’ve got the rich House Blend, which is a total crowd pleaser, blending beans from the Far East, Africa and South America, aka the holy trinity of coffee deliciousness. For those who prefer a deeper, bolder taste, there’s the French Roast, which blends Central and South American beans, sans any bitterness or a smoky aftertaste. If you’re in the mood for Espresso, theirs is smooth, mild and sweet, in the style of the best espresso on earth, that of Northern Italy. Take a whiff. Ahhhhhhh.


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