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We believe in an artisan approach paired with consistent quality that everyone can enjoy. Our coffees are never acidic or burnt, but rather sweet, balanced and rich. All of our straight origin and blended coffee are of the finest grade for exceptional taste. We never compromise, cut corners, or stray from our focus of delivering the world's finest coffee.



Originally founded in 1862, Ferndell slowly grew and developed into an established purveyor of food products over the next fifty years. By the 1920’s, Ferndell coffee and tea products were sold in merchant stores across the country. With striking design, impeccable quality, and lasting value, the coffee and tea brand was unforgettable.



The modern Ferndell brand is California based, family-owned and positioned as a leading artisan purveyor of coffee and tea. We believe in taking the traditional approach to crafting high quality products. Our interpretation of coffee and tea extends far beyond a burlap sack or bag of tea. We are a full service company with a wide range of products and services that extend across diverse segments of the hospitality industry.


Our product. Your business.

Ferndell is the premier source and partner for wholesale coffee and tea programs specifically designed for hospitality and retail clients across a wide range of vertical markets. We run a turn-key plant, have a diverse staff, and use strict sourcing, processing, and service protocols to propel us, our products, and our customers forward.

We work with like-minded companies who share a passion for quality, service, and long-term success that is derived from the simple pleasures of a fine cup of coffee or tea. Ferndell is established, structured, and driven to excel at servicing our customer’s needs while adding value, relevance and lasting impact.