Stocked with three burlaps sacks full of coffee and the original Ferndell roasting guide, we fired up our first roast on September 16th, 2009. We were novices, but we had a passion for a better cup. Our first coffees were roasted on a vintage one-pound roaster. We used this machine to create roast profiles, master blending, and hone our craft.  Our goal was to create small-batch, artisan coffees that everyone could enjoy. After many attempts and a few burnt batches, we successfully established a core range of coffees so satisfying, they left you wanting more every morning.  


We now run a state-of-the-art roasting facility that produces the world’s finest coffee. Our entire process from crop to cup is unparalleled.  The result is a smooth, rich, and balanced flavor profile that highlights only the best attributes of each coffee.